Book Club: Storytime!

During the summer, our Book Club went to the movies.  We watched documentaries and movies to help us discuss: race, racism in the U.S., privilege and actions we can take to help dismantle racism in the church, our community and the country.  


Now we want to take some time to celebrate Black voices and culture.  From Sunday, September 20th through Sunday, October 4th we will watch one episode a day from the new Netflix series: “Bookmarks:Celebrating Black Voices” hosted by Marley Dias.  The series highlights Black authors and celebrity guest readers and will provide us an opportunity to continue our discussions as a church and with our family and friends.  The series is family friendly and available to stream on Netflix or for free on YouTube.  Each day we will post an episode to our facebook page or you can watch on your own schedule.  We will gather on Zoom on Monday, October 5th at 7:00pm for everyone to share their favorite book and discuss the series.


Sunday, September 20 
Trailer for Bookmarks:Celebrating Black Voices

Monday, September 21
“The Day You Begin”

Tuesday, September 22
“Antiracist Baby”

Wednesday, September 23
“I Am Perfectly Designed”

Thursday, September 24
“Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut”

Friday, September 25
“I Love My Hair”

Saturday, September 26
“Let’s Talk About Race”

Sunday, September 27

Monday, September 28
“Pretty Brown Faces” and “Brown Boy Joy”

Tuesday, September 29
“ABC’s For Girls Like Me”

Wednesday, September 30
“We March”

Thursday, October 1
“I Am Enough”

Friday, October 2

Saturday, October 3
Sulwe’s Song: “Brightness is just who you are!”

Sunday, October 4
“When God Made You”

Monday, October 5 at 7pm

Zoom Discussion - Link in the E-Trumpet Newsletter (not shared here for security purposes)

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