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Becoming a Member of St. Gabriel's~San Gabriel

You can belong to St. Gabriel's~San Gabriel by being present in worship and by participating in the life of the parish community.  Your presence will nurture your body, mind, and soul while enhancing the spiritual life of the congregation.


As a member, you are invited to share your time, treasure, and talent with others in order for St. Gabriel's to continue proclaiming the Good News of our Lord, Jesus Christ!  St. Gabriel's is "a house of prayer for all people" (Isaiah 56:7)!

We offer Inquirer's Classes to newcomers who wish to learn about the history, theology, and liturgy of the Church. Inquirer's Classes are scheduled throughout the year for newcomers, seekers, and even lifelong Episcopalians who seek a refresher!  Classes are listed on our church calendar. 

There are several ways that you can formally become a member of St. Gabriel's, including Holy Baptism, Confirmation, Reception, and transfer of membership. To learn more about Holy Baptism or Confirmation, visit our Sacraments page.

If you have been confirmed in another denomination you can be Received into the Episcopal Church by a Bishop at one of their annual visitations to St. Gabriel’s~San Gabriel. Feel free to contact the clergy when your spirit moves you to take the next step in your faith formation! 

If you are a member of another Episcopal congregation (baptized or confirmed in that church), your membership can be transferred to St. Gabriel’s~San Gabriel by contacting the office of the church where your membership is held and requesting a transfer. The clergy and admin staff of that church will then contact St. Gabriel's office to initiate the transfer. 

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